Weekly Update December 8-14, 2014

Hello all, just a few reminders for this coming weekend.

We have rain in the forecast. Check the Twitter link on the home page - any field closures will be posted there.

We are back on the front of Robb for one last weekend. This is the last weekend of play before the winter break. If you have any special requests for the next 8 to 10 weeks, please email me at gerhard@sdcsl.com.

Cup games next round will more than likely be scheduled for the January 18 weekend.

I am currently working on the schedule for the January/February timeframe. We have at least one new field coming online and possibly two.

We have 4S Ranch coming online for 2 game slots and I have put in for Grossmont High again for the Spring. Grossmont will be replacing the turf field also in June, so we want to stay in their good graces so we can benefit from the new field next season.

End of day procedures

Robb Field
Please put goals, nets and flags in the goal cage. Last team managers please make sure the assigned managers lock the combo lock for the goal cage when everything is put away.
Robb 2 last game kicks off at 2:30pm between SBFC Valencia vs Pumitas FC
Robb 3 last game kicks off at 2:30pm between SBFC Leeds and Team Renegades

Carmel Valley Rec
Last game kicks off at 1pm between Legends teams EPZ and RSF Renegades.
Please place goals side by side against the North fence by out lock and cable. Flags in the goals.

Solana Highlands
Last game kicks off at 1pm between First division teams Erin 1916 vs FC Zulu Aztecas.
Please put goals against East fence by our lock and cable closest to the softball infield.

Sage Canyon
Last game kicks off at 11am between First division teams SudaCA FC 1st and Mustangs.
Goals need to be placed side by side against the west side fence where the SDCSL signage is.

All teams, please clean up your trash.

Jr. Seau
All teams substitutes must be outside the fence. Only players on the playing area. No Gatorade on the field of play. Only water bottles. Please clean up your trash after the games especially on the stands area where everyone leaves there gear during the game. Put your tape in the trash please.

Thanks all and good luck.