San Diego County Soccer League
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Follow us on Facebook. Check Twitter for field condition updates.

SDCSL facebook.comSDCSL

Follow us on Facebook. Check Twitter for field condition updates.

SDCSL facebook.comSDCSL

Follow us on Facebook.
Check Twitter for field condition updates.

2023/2024 Season Update - Welcome Back We look forward to a Fun Fall Session.

2023 Fall Session is upon us. Premier, First and Legends divisions will start Sept. 24. We will also have a 2024 Winter Session for Open Age Divisions(late January to April) and a 2024 Spring Session which will be a continuation of the Fall Legends session (February - May) for the Legends division which will take a break in late December to Early February. Please reach out to me if you have any questions to get your players registered. The League Schedule link is now active. You will be able to print your game rosters 4 days prior to game day, but please try to wait until close to game day to capture any late roster updates. Please Contact Gerhard for any questions at Please mail any fines or league fees via check payable to SDCSL to league (NEW ADDRESS - Gerhard Neuendorff Attention SDCSL, 10975 Montego Dr. San Diego, CA 92124 or send Paypal payment to Payment). Player Registration is available for Open and Legends Divisions) via the Open/Legends Division Registration Link. You must have a good head shot photo for all players. All players must also have a valid ID in case opposing manager or referee request for player verification. Game sheets can be printed 4 days prior to game. Each team should print 1 game sheet (both teams) if home team, 1 game sheet (both teams) if visiting team. Please take a picture of the referee official game sheet after both teams review and use this to enter stats (goals, cautions, ejections) for both teams, not just your team. Please email for any questions about league, divisions or registrations. SDCSL Logowear is available in the Gray T-shirt for $12. If interested in SDCSL Shirts, Hoodies, Polos or Hats, please email Two different designs. Watch website for more information. Support SDCSL with logowear. Watch for Twitter updates on possible field closures due to rain during the regular season.

New Players, Teams

If you're interested in finding a team, or if you already have a team and would like to join the SDCSL, click here for information.

Players over 50 looking for teams

If you are looking for a team, email the team managers from the team information pages, If you are over 50 please email as there are always teams looking for players Over 50 in another league called HuffnPuff. For more information, click here.

Field procedures

Please review goal procedures for all fields. Find your field and any applicable goal procedure on the Field Locations page. Teams playing the last game of the day are responsible for taking care of the goals.

Correspondence and payments can be mailed to the League PO Box address. Checks should be payable to SDCSL, and please indicate what team the payment is for. You may also make your payment to our SDCSL paypal account. Send payment to, indicate what team it is for and follow up with an email with that information. Email Gerhard here if you have any questions.