Weekly Update December 18, 2017

All Managers - Holiday break through December 31. Open Division play will resume on Sunday, January 21. Alan Hall Memorialand American Freedom Cup games will be played Sunday, January 7 and January 14.

Please submit any schedule requests to gerhard@sdcsl.com. Please note that Sunday, Feb. 4 is Super Bowl Sunday and there will only be morning games and more than likely they will be cup games.

Schedule links – For the official Schedule please make sure to check the Schedule links. Cup and League play schedule links are updated. Per the email sent out to all managers, there are 4 teams playing American Freedom Cup prelim games on January 7. Winners of these games will play the following week again. Please verify your game times as all other teams will play on January 7 or January 14. Pumitas have a bye to the quarterfinals in the AHM..

Thanks and Happy Holidays!